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How To Do The Daily Maintenance To Your Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine?
- Jun 04, 2018 -

How to do the daily maintenance to your vertical form fill seal machine?

The vertical form fill seal machine ( usually known as automatic vertical packing machine), as a typical of professional automated packing production equipment , needs proper daily maintenance to make sure the vffs machine supply good quality stably during the VFFS machine’s design service life cycle, or even longer service life time than its design lift cycle.

1stly, you should record and do regular evaluation to your vertical FFS machine’s production efficiency, and adjust accordingly.

2ndly, it is basic and important for you to clean your vertical form fill seal packing machine properly and regularly once per shift.

3rdly, make a plan to assign the responsibility for regularly making the cleaning and maintenance daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly to your vertical form fill seal machine.

Some common tips how to make the daily cleaning and maintenance to the VFFS packing machine.

CAUTION: Turn off the power before starting to clean, or make any other maintenance to your automatic vertical packaging machine. You should also isolate and lock out the power source.

1.      Check the machine, especially both the feeding equipment and the dosing head of your vertical form fill and seal packaging machines, and make sure the zero has been finished well.

2.      Blow off and loose product accumulated on the automatic packaging machine, or on the ground, with an air nozzle;

SAFETY FIRST: always remember to protect your eyes by wearing the safety glasses.

3.      Clean the former tube after removing it from the vffs bagging machine.

4.      Remove the cutting blade, and clean the sealing jaws by cleaning bronze brush(sometimes, the film is to be sticky on the face of the jaws so that the sealing jaws of your VFFS machine is dirty).

SAFETY FIRST: please check and make sure the sealing jaws have been cool before cleaning the sealing jaws; or wear the proper heating preventing gloves.

5.      Wipe down the cabinet, the frame of the vertical wrapper with the hot soap water, and dry them.

Especially, carefully pay more attention to all the guards, all the guide bars, all the connection rods, all the cylinder rods, and all the film rollers, etc

6. Re-install the bag former of the vffs bagging machine , and rethread the film roller through the vffs machine as the threading diagram on the machine.

7. Wipe down all guides, bearings, and slides with the food grade lubricants.