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New Hardware Counting Packaging Machine
- Jan 15, 2019 -

New machine: automatic hardware counting and packing machine with the top advanced checking technology 

One of our old customers from Paranagua, Brazil orded one more automatic hardware, plastic parts counting and packaging system, asked the couting vibrating bowl unit of the machine to include both the individual ounting check weigher and the individual control cabinet, so that the counting packing machine can control counting correctly 99.99%( generally, can be considered as 100% correctly), and reject the wrong counting. The design layout drawing as following: 

Nut and Bolt Packing Machine_副本

The key upgraded technology the automatic counting packaging machinery system used: 

1. Individual counting check weigher system can control counting correctly 99.99%( generally, can be considered as 100% correctly), and reject the wrong counting;

2. The counting check weigher has a transfer switch between the buffer hopper for correct counting, and the separate collecting hopper for wrong counting;

3. The check weigher system has individual and separate support frame to protect the check accuracy;

4. The individual operate and control cabinet for each set of automatic counting and checking system, including individual PLC&HMI screen, so that the operate can set the counting parameter for each counting and checking system.

how the automatic vibrating bowl couting and packaging machine works: 

1. Bowl feeders——manually feed the hardware items into the bowls, and the bowl running; 

2. Servo driven belt conveyor and Counting fiber——conveying the plastic items one piece by another, and counting them one by one;   Or, Counting fiber and Stainless steel channel——counting the screws and fall down one piece by another with the simple channel; 

3.Counting check weigher——checking the counted items, and rejecting the wrong counting;

 4.Z bucket conveyor—— collecting all the different counted hardware items, conveying and filling them into the bag former tube of the vertical packing machine; 

 5.Vertical packing machine——forming, filling, sealing, and cutting; powder source of the whole system; head control unit of the whole system. 6. Exit belt conveyor——outputting the finished bag package.

The same technology we have used for a Chinese brand toy suppliers as following video: 


Thank you for our faith customer during the past six years. We will surely try our best to supply you perfect solution for you to develop your business in future.