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New Stick Packaging Machine
- Jul 20, 2018 -

New stick packaging machine 

It is a 2018 version small vffs machine.

 drawing of small vertical FFS packing machine.png


u  The stick pack machine can always supply the Stable sealing performance, under very low daily maintain; We promise that only 1 experienced operator can run 3 machines at same time, or a team of 2-3 operators can do 5-10 machines at the same time even after 3-5 years lasting machine running;

u  Both setting the bag length and cutting can be done at the same step under either the set bag length or the Photo cell tracking mark;

u  Both the high quality sealing jaws, and the PID Temperature controller make sure the consistent sealing temperature;

u  Automatically measuring, bagging, filling, sealing, cutting, printing code and cutting easy tearing notches.



The stick packaging machines are Widely suitable to package many different food products, such as Granule, Liquid & Powder with the different dosing head:

Granule: volumetric cup filler;

Powder: auger filler;

Liquid & sauce: Pneumatic piston pump filler;

Tablet/pill: tablet disc;

Or even hardware(only three side sealing): vibrating bowl feeder.


Packaging materials: generally, the heat sealable laminates film

Film roller: Inner core diameter 75mm, the outer roller diameter 250mm






Stainless steel

Packaging   Speed

30- 70 stick/min

Bag   type

General Stick, general Pillow bag

Or irregular sealing & cutting stick such as   round corner stick

Sealing type

Straight line sealing, diamond sealing, or   micro-diamond sealing

Cutting   type

Zigzag   cutting, or straight line cutting

Bag   size

L 20-160mmW15-110mm

Film   Width

Max 240mm

Code printing

Ribbon code   printer


Mitsubishi PLC + English/Chinese interface


1Phase,50Hz   ,AC 220V/2.0KW






Double horizontal sealer, Round corner stick, or any   special customized irregular sealing and cutting stick as the user’s individual   requirement.


Export   Seaworthy standard wooden case


honey stick packing machine_副本.jpg