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Our Stick Pack Machines
- Jul 11, 2018 -

Our Stick Pack Machines

CERPACK prides itself on its superior quality packaging machines, and the Stick Pack machines we offer are no exception; they're built to last.

The robust build of the machine itself includes a stainless steel frame which is more durable than other materials.

If heat transfer may be an issue, we utilize high-quality aluminum in those areas of the machine to protect both your product and the machine's integrity.

In addition, no matter the material of the product you're packaging - even liquids or acids - the machine is built to package in any condition without rusting or malfunctioning.

CERPACK offers the widest scope of stick pack models on the market today. We offer everything from entry level two-lane stick machines to the largest stick machine currently on the market.

Our job doesn't just include selling stick pack machinery, however. We also size sticks and test film for customers, offering our recommendations every step of the way.

Very seldom do we get a call that one of our stick pack machines is down; they simply keep running.

If a customer does need support for their machinery, our after-sales support from our technical service and engineering departments is second-to-none.

Many issues can be easily trouble-shooted with a quick chat online or over the phone and corrected remotely and immediately from our location.


In addition to machine construction quality, the ancillary equipment available through CERPACK for the Stick Pack machine enables our customers to automate their packaging easily from tote to pallet. We offer ancillary equipment with capabilities like stick counting using a chute with a trap gate and takeaway conveyors that count into a carton. We also offer printing options that can print a use-by date and lot number on each stick.


We also offers fully automated cartoning solutions - cartoners and case-packers to efficiently and automatically package and prepare your product for shipment. The Stick Pack machine is frequently the solution that co-packers and producers are looking for to rapidly form, fill, and seal the flexible packaging their customers desire for their product, and they choose CERPACK as a full-service option for turn-key packaging solutions.