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Mini Pre-made Pouch Pick Open Fill Seal Machine
- Aug 20, 2018 -

Mini Pre-made Pouch Pick Open Fill Seal Machine

Mini Pre-made Pouch Pick Open Fill Seal Machine.png

The Min pre-made pouch pick open fill seal machine is a single station Pre-formed Pouch Packaging machine, and can finish automatically the whole packaging process, from pouch picking up, opening,filling, sealing, and finished pouched outputing. The pre-formed bag packaging machine can work for many different product along with the suitable dosing heads:

available fillers for the min pre-made pouch pick open fill seal machine.jpg

Technical Features:

◆New generation sanitary design & build

◆Easy clean and avoid trash accumulated.

◆Compact footprint & Low Maintenance 

◆Compact single station, pneumatic system used for safety running & low maintenance.

◆Auto Operation Control

◆From pouch pick up- open - fill - seal to output which is controlled by PLC

◆7" User's friendly H.M.I. ensures high efficiency performance.

◆Easy to Adjust & Operate

◆Depending on product condition and pouch type, main menu settings can be set on the screen, multiple pouch type can run on the same machine by suction position adjusting. 

◆No Pouch, No Dump

◆Auto pouch detecting sensor, no pouch no dump ensure material splash down.

◆Automatic breakdown detection and solution is displayed on the screen clearly.

◆Various option functions are available as per request, such as auto zip-lock open device/Hot Stamp Printer/ Hopper Shaker/ Product Settler. 

◆Main Parts of Mini Doypack

◆PLC Control, Touch Screen, Temperature Control, Automatically Pneumatic Components, Gas Processor, Alarm.

◆Building Material of mini doypack, the frame is made of 304SUS and anodized aluminum profiles

◆Interlock Safety, CE Application - auto stop when the door is open. 

The min pre-formed bag packing machine's main structure and machinery details:

Main structure:

min pre-formed pouch pick open fill seal machine's structure.jpg

Machine details:

min doy pack packaging machine's details.jpg

How this Pre-formed bag packaging machine works

working process of the pre-made pouch packing machine.jpg