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Screw Packaging Machine Sales Process Manufacturers Tell You
- Apr 08, 2018 -

                                   Screw packaging machine sales mainly seize the screw machine product performance and characteristics, through the understanding of practice, self screw packaging machine sales, has the technical characteristics are:
1. the advanced stepping control of the machine, color gz device with use, can obtain the perfect trademark pattern.
2. the precision of each bag can be guaranteed by the vibration disc, linear vibration arrangement device and precise counting control device which are tailored for the screw sample.
3. in addition to the above two points, screw packaging machine sales advanced PLC or single-chip microcomputer control system, fault self - stop, self - alarm, self - diagnosis, safe and simple to use. Automatically display the number of packages, can easily count the workload of the machine.
What are the principles used in the sales of screw packaging machines?
1. advanced microcomputer packaging controller, excellent man-machine dialogue mode, make the speed, bag length, cutting point position detection can be displayed directly on the interface.
2. automatic sorting, detection, counting and packaging functions.
3. screw packing machine sales vibration disc mainly by hopper, chassis, controller, linear feeder and other supporting components.
4. sliding transverse seal mechanism, can adjust the center height of the transverse seal up and down arbitrarily.
5. variable frequency speed regulation, convenient and simple operation scheme.