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Stick Pack: Top Flexible And Also Top Popular Bag Package
- Jun 06, 2018 -

Stick Pack: Top Flexible and also Top Popular Bag Package

By Mr. Ray LEE, on June 6, 2018

The Stick pack is the most popular and common bag package, and we can see various stick packaging products in every super market, store, etc. because it is very flexible. Our stick pack machine is designed as the automatic form fill seal machine to make the stick packs under the common width range from 17mm, and widely used to package many different products, such as Granule, Liquid, Sauce, Powder, etc . Both the single lane stick packaging machine and the multi-lane stick packaging machine are in our line. They can run efficiently at the speed of around 20-45 sticks per lane.

stick pack machine-sample stick-2.jpg

Flexibly, the stick pack machine can accommodate different stick designs:

Our stick packing machine can meet the customers’ many different types of the stick packs. Such as:

Different cutting:

zigzag cutting, straight cutting, round corner cutting, etc

stick drawing_副本Different sealing type:

straight line sealing,diamond sealing, mirco-diamond, etc

Different sealing shape:

 straight, side-neck, round side-neck, centre-neck, etc

Different easy open design:

easy tear notch, mirco-perforated line, etc

Flexibly, the stick pack machine can package various products:

Our stick packaging machines are perfect for packaging a wide variety of powder, granule, sauce, and liquid, with the different dosing heads.

Granulevolumetric cup filler(for free-flowing non-dusty powder like sugar)

or tablet and pill counting filler(for the pharmaceutical industries);

Powder: auger filler(must be used for powders and dusty products);

Liquid: Liquid piston pump filler( for the water-like product, or the water-like product with a little mixer substances, such as fruit/vegetable fiber, or skin cut pieces )

Sauce(paste): Sauce piston pump filler(for tomato sauce, ketchup, honey, syrups , gels, etc).


Some common knowledge about the stick packing machine, and the stick packs we’re glad to share with you: 

Popular widths stick packs  the stick pack machine can make for the common product:

Stick width 17mm for sugar, or similar free-flowing and non-dusty product;

23mm,25mm, or 35mm for other products.

Because of its versatility and available options as well as its rugged design, the Stick Pack machine from CERPACK is used by a wide variety of industries. Next are some of the top popular applications.

Top Popular application of the stick pack machines is widely used to package powder-drink mixes, nutraceuticals, spices, and flavor-packs. Most of them are the typical on-the-go consumption product, such as coffe, drink flavors, etc. The Stick Packing machine can easily form, fill, and seal the small bags that is tough difficult for the other automatic packing machines, which is perfect for single-serving drink mixes and powders.

Another top popular application industry of the stick pack machines is the nutraceuticals industry, packaging liquids and gels. Nutraceuticals often include powders. The stick packaging machine also focus on gels and liquids for athletes and the people wanting to live a healthier lifestyle. 

Besides the above top two popular industries, we also see the convenience of the stick pack bag has been expanding into a variety of other industries, all needing a Stick Pack machine to fill them properly.



CERPACK’’s Stick Pack machinery can be customized flexibly as a wide range of environments, from a cooking room packaging warm gels to cold rooms for dairy products.

CERPACK's experienced and high quality seal design ensures that no product will be leaking from the sealed bags that could make the rest of the batch sticky, protecting both the product and the consumer from a mess.

Various bag types, options, and sizes are always accommodated by the Stick Pack machine, from how it's sealed to how it opens. This makes it ideal for packaging many different types of products.

CERPACK offers the wide scope of stick pack machine models as the today’s market need,  from entry level single lane stick machines to the multilane stick pack machines, such as two lanes stick pack machine, to twelve lanes stick pack machine.


Any more doubts, or future details you need to learn, freely contact us. 

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