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Stick Packs-the Future Of Packaging
- Jan 23, 2019 -

Stick Packs – The Future of Packaging

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The biggest benefit of stick packaging over other forms of food packaging is the size and convenience of it. Stick packsare narrow which makes it easy to pour the products in the package into a bottle of water. Also, a single stick pack conveniently holds a single serving so it is compact and fits neatly in your purse, backpack or pocket.

stick pack by liquid stick packaging machine

Stick packs offers the consumers more convenience in regards to easy to opening and provides just the right amount of product inside each stick. The freshness of the product is guaranteed.

Stick packs are convenient for Products that are Liquid, Powder and Granular like sugar, salt, spices, ketchup and water have all required the need for this type of food packaging. Stick packs are 3 Side Sealed and are specific form of vertical fill, form and seal (VFFS) packing. The packaging material can be paper, plastic or PE coated Aluminum. Fancy, colorful designs catch the consumers eye but although stick packs might not seem very environmentally friendly at first glance because they are packaged individually, stick packs use 35% less packaging material than a sachets.

sample stick 2

Benefits of Stick Packs

Cerpack provides a great supply of automated packing machines that make it easier to make a stick packs for sugar powder, milk powder, or coffee powder. You have probably seen stick packs used for popular products including powdered juices and energy drinks. There is actually a whole section in most grocery stores that is dedicated to powdered sugar packets! These stick pack machines are great, but what exactly are stick packs?

sample stick 1

Stick packs have been around for a long time, but have become an increasingly popular form of packaging for sugar powders because they make it easy to pour into the thin bottle neck of water, tea, and other beverages. I am sure you have seen someone use a sugar powder stick pack to flavor their bottled water or maybe their beverage at a restaurant or bar, but how are they made and what makes them so popular?

stick pack-3

These small packets are made with a stick sugar packing machine that puts in the perfect amount of powder to flavor a regular sized bottle of water. The stick-shaped packages can come in a variety of colors and materials including plastic and paper. Much like other packets, they are able to hold a small amount of any powder that you wish to put in them. As mentioned before, they are very popular solutions for storing powdered juice and energy drinks.

The advantages and benefits of Stick package:

Production of Stick packages has many advantages when produced. It offers a price advantage to primarily to customers. It is easy to manufacture. Compared with other packaging styles, stick packs have a much less cost on purchasing film. This will reduce the manufacturing and packaging costs.

Customers a much attracted to small and cute stick packs. It can be easily moved around also the amount inside can be used in one portion and product inside will not go bad before it is intact with the food. Not only liquids Turpack production of its 12 line Sugar stick packaging machine can supply the producer with 500 sticks per minute.

Our stick packaging machines are extremely robust. It can work 24 hours over three shifts.

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