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Teach You How To Quickly Understand The Correct Use Of Particle Packaging Machine
- Apr 08, 2018 -

Particle packaging machine to use well, what should be paid attention to? Self screw packaging machine manufacturers after years of development experience found that should do this:
Particle packaging machine from the function, configuration, all aspects of comparison, the difference is bigger, choose suitable for the enterprise product particles, powder packaging machine is the key to the production yield and packaging quality.
We know that at present, only in the pharmaceutical industry, as long as it is the production of Chinese patent medicine, generally have particle dosage form, a few powder. The use of artificial packaging for these products is not suitable, the use of advanced machinery can not only improve production, to save manpower and material resources expenditure is also very significant.
Particle packaging machine from the sealing way, can be divided into splint type and roller type. From the production capacity, can be divided into single machine and multiple machine.
From the film way, can be divided into vertical machine and horizontal machine. At present, the main forms of pouch packaging are: three - side seal, four-side seal and back seal.
What are the main maintenance points of particle packaging machine?
1. when the drum moves back and forth in the work, please adjust M10 screw on the front bearing pawn to the appropriate position. If the gear shaft moves, please adjust M10 screw behind the bearing frame to the appropriate position, adjust the clearance to the bearing does not produce noise, hand pulley, elastic appropriate advisable, too tight or too loose can make the machine damage.
2. after use or stop, should take out the rotating drum cleaning and brush the remaining powder in the bucket, and then installed, ready for the next use.