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Vertical Granule Packing Machine
- Sep 01, 2018 -

Vertical Granule Packing Machine

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Basic Info

  • Model NO.: CP420B

  • Automatic Grade: Fully Automatic

  • Filling Valve Head: Multi-Head

  • Dosing Device: Rotor

  • Packaging Container Lifting Structure: Pneumatic Lifting

  • Packaging: Bag

  • Origin: China

  • Type: multifunction packaging Machine

  • Material Type: Granular

  • Feed Cylinder Structure: Multi-Room Feeding

  • Structure: Vertical

  • Packaging Material: Composite Materials

  • Transport Package: PlyWood Case

  • HS Code: 8422303090

Product Description

1.Technical Characteristic:
1).Double belt for pulling film, more stable for big bag.
2).PLC control with Touch screen, easy to operate and maintain
3).Touch menu can be shown in English or other language
4).Servo control for film-pulling, high precision
5).Independent Temperature controller for horizontal sealing and vertical sealing
6).Bag former changing easily without tools
7).Air-expansion shaft instead of mechanical shaft - simpler and easier installation of roll film
8).Trouble display and alarm auto
9).Carbon steel or Stainless steel frame for your option

Special Feature:
It can fully automatic process including sub-weighing,filling,filling-pulling,bags making,punching,printing and counting,

Suitable for:
Dry&processed food,fresh food,for example:snack food,seeds(pulses),nuts,coffee(granule/beans),tea,sugar,grated cheese,bakery products,candies,confectionary,rice,nuts&dried fruits,spices,pasta,pet food(pellets)etc,
Other:non food for example:medium nuts,bolrs,washers,auto,electrical and plumbing parts etc.

2.Equipment list:

Total6 sets
Notes: 1.All parts that contact with foods will adopt SS304
           2. ribbon printer, nitrogen filling device included 

Technical Parameter:

Weigher Model CP-10-KW
Weigher Heads 10 heads
Hopper Volume 1.6L
Max.(capacity) 10-1000g
Max Weight1000g
Weighing Accuracy ±0.5-1.5g
Bag Length60-300mm(above 260mm,two times film moving)
Bag Width 60-200mm
Width of Roll Film 420mm
Packing Speed5-80bags/minute
Air Consumption 0.6-0.8mpa
Gas Consumption 0.4m3/min
Power Voltage220V/50Hz
Net Weight 500kg

Collar type vertical form fill seal packing machine.jpg
3.Associated Equipment:

No.1 - Bucket elevator

Main Features:
1).Z-shaped structure helps save the floor space.
2).Vertical lifting has the advantage of transporting large quantity of products and feeding to the higher place.
Technical Parameters:
Bucket volume:  1.8L with food sanitation degree
Discharge height:  3.1m (can be customized)
Speed:  60 buckets per min (standard)
Electricity: 3P, 220V/380V, 50-60Hz, 0.75KW

No.2 - Multihead Weigher

Main Features:
1).The most efficient and accurate weight calculation by computer when compared to manual process..
2).Stagger dump avoid materials pile up.
3).User friendly touch screen quipped with multiple language..
4).Adjustable backlight control for vision protection
5).Instant hopper vibration index for better control.
6).99 preset programs for multiple tasks.

No.3 - Working Platform

Machine Features:
1).To support multihead weigher.
2).For workers to do maintainance.
3).The opening size decided by multihead weigher.
4).The supporting height is standard 1.8m or 2m which can be customized according to the requirement.
5).The dimension: 1.8*1.8*1.8m or 2*2*1.8m.

No.4 - Bridge Type Metal Detector

Machine Features:
1).To detect the non-metalized package food or other products containing the metal or other unhealthy stuff.
2).The detection accuracy can be able to fix in terms of various detector models and the detected products effectiveness degree.
3).Inspection width/height:50-400mm,20-300mm.
5).Convey speed:16-60m/min
6).Power supply:220V  50-60HZ  200W
7).Rejecter: Blowing type, Drop down type, Swing arm type 

No.5 - Outlet Conveyor

Main Features:
1).Small simple conveyor controlled by packing machine
2).Convey the finished bags for secondary package
3).Total length 1500mm and discharge height 800mm.
4).PVC Belt or Engineering modular belt with food sanitation degree for option.

4.Bag samples:

Usually the snack food bags are made as following types:

We have a particular focus on the automatic packing and conveying system for confectionaries,extruded snacks, biscuits, powder products,roasted seeds and nuts,deep-frozen food, farm and sideline products,chemical products and hardware products and so on.

1).Normal Pillow Bag with Nitrogen gas filling

Inflating the bag with nitrogen gas helps reduce the crushing of those fragile snack foods and prevent foods from oxidation.

2).Bag with Hole punching

Hole punching on the bag top seal is for retail hanging racks.

3).Bag with Promotion strip

Such Promotion strip is with any sales promotion information.
It'll be automatically sealed on top seal and bottom seal of the bag.

5.Electronic components list:

1Touch ScreenDelta/Taiwan
3Servo MotorDelta/Taiwan
5Horizontal Cylinder
( Cross Sealing Jaws)
6Vertical Cylinder (Vertical Sealing Bars)Pneulead/Italy
7Cutting CylinderPneulead/Italy
8Coding Printer CylinderPneulead/Italy
9Film Transport CylinderPneulead/Italy
10Pressure  RegulatorPneulead/Italy
11Solenoid ValvePneulead/Italy
12Pneumatic FRLPneulead/Italy
5Solenoid ValvePneulead/Italy
6Photocell SensorAutonics/Korea
7Mains SwitchDelta/Taiwan
8Solid-State RelayFotek/ Taiwan
9Intermediate RelayIDEC/ Japan
10Temperature ControllerYaTai/  Shanghai
11Proximity SwitchLEK/Guangzhou
14Frequency ConverterDelta/Taiwan
15Terminal BlockWeidmuller/ Germany
16Leakage Protection SwitchDelixi/China

The term of consignment is 30 working days Ex works, FOB Shanghai, after receipt of advance payment.Payment By T/T, 30% paid in advance and the balance 70% paid before shipment.
The Seller is obliged to pack the subject of the Contract for the transport in the appropriate packaging, according to the Regulations of the Seller's country.
The installation and commissioning of the machines, as well as the training of the Purchaser personnel, are excluded in the offered price.
For the quality of goods, the Seller gives the warranty of 12 months, issued on the day of its consignment, and guaranties that in the mentioned period will replace or repair on the proper expenses, in the proper factory all the parts, damaged as the result of defect materials of fault execution. The appeals in the warranty period have to be under the same period.The damages caused by the improper use, lack of knowledge of instructions or normal tear are excluded from the warranty.