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VFFS Machine Or Pre-formed Pouch Filling Machines, That’s A Question.
- Jun 25, 2018 -

VFFS Machine or Pre-formed Pouch Filling Machines, that’s a question.

By Mr. Ray LEE, on June 13, 2018

Hereby we're taking a deep dive into the differences between two top popular packaging machine types in all the packing machinery: Vertical form fill seal (VFFS) packaging machine and automatic pre-formed pouch filling machine. We’re to try to compare the Vertical form fill seal machine with the automatic pre-formed pouch filling machine as the following 5 points to help you to make the decision which type is the most suitable choice for your special & individual packing application.

1. Cost from both the Packaging Machine and the packing Material

The cost and budget are always important for all the would-be automatic packaging machine purchasing. The cost is mainly from two parts: the packing machine cost(asset investment), and the packing material(consumer cost).

Usually, the automatic pre-made bag packing machine costs more highly than the vertical form fill seal machine. For example, 200-1000ml liquid packing machinery case, expected packing speed at around 30bags per minute. The capacity 8 working stations pre-formed pouch packaging machine cost around extra 60% more or even more highly than the similar Vertical FFS packaging machine.

The automatic pre-made bag packaging machine uses the pre-formed bags as the packing material, while the automatic vertical form fill seal machine uses the roll film as the packing material. Although the cost of the packing material depends on many variables, we find that the pre-formed bag usually costs more than the roll film every time as communicating about the packing material cost with our customers, and some film supplier brother companies. Sometimes, the differences are big, such as each same packing volume bag cost from roll film may be only 60% of the pre-formed bag; or even other times, the differences are minimal. However, the packing material cost difference always happen bag by bag, and day by day, so that the total cost differences during a long period day by day will be up to a substantial amount. Due to this packing material cost consideration, many customers set the packing material cost as a major decision point as they evaluating packing cost.

The vffs machine is better choice if you need to control the packing cost as lower as possible from the view of both the packaging machine cost and the packing material cost.

2. Adaptation to different Bag types and different bag sizes

Usually, the automatic pre-formed bag filling machine is better suited to the short runs and flexibility you require if you need to do many different bag sizes, bag types(shapes, or styles) and have to change over frequently in the same day.

However, the VFFS packaging machine is the better choice if you have longer runs and higher output, and only a few standard bag sizes, or bag types, max. no more than 4 different bag sizes/types.

In addition, another important point. The pre-made bag has been pre-formed into a special size bag under the locked bag type. Compared with the pre-formed bag in the sense, the roll film is much more flexible in this sense.

3. Staff and Technical Expertise Required

When using a vertical form fill seal packaging machine, you make your own bags. Your employees will assume the 'bag maker' roles necessary to ensure proper machine setup and changeover, including loading roll film through the film path and ensuring accurate film tracking. This requires a more extensive level of technical knowledge and training.

When working with premade bags, an independent film supplier fabricates and ships the pouches, and your employees simply load them into the machine's bag magazine, necessitating much less technical expertise. With modern in-feed technologies like robotic pick and place systems, manual labor is cut even more, so a single minimally trained worker can effectively load and operate a pouch filling machine. 

The automatic vffs machine asks the experienced well-trained technician while the pre-formed bags filling machine just needs a worker to do the simple loading jobs.

4. Waste

When operating a VFFS packaging machine you essentially become a bag making equipment as well. Excess packaging material will be concentrated in your facility, with your company assuming costs for its disposal. When utilizing premade bags, scrap is disposed of off-site by the film company with that cost being passed on via purchase price of the premade pouches.

VFFS packaging machinery will also create waste (both packaging and product) during machine set-up, calibration, and changeover. With a premade pouch machine, you can set-up, calibrate, and perform changeovers without running product, allowing you to recycle the pouches and use them for final production. In theory, you could have 0 waste on a pre-formed pouch machine. 

However, the latest VFFS machine has more advanced & whole alarm function so that the waste of both the film and the raw product during machine testing has been reduced very much in fact. Also, the actual running can be very close to 0 waste.

5. Expected Packaging Speeds

The vertical form fill seal machinery will usually beat pre-made bag filling and sealing equipment if the packaging speed is your 1st important consideration. Usually, the form fill seal, whether horizontal or vertical, is dedicated, and is capable of considerably higher volumes and faster speeds.

In the world of packaging, the speed as high as possible can sometimes mean sacrificing some flexibility: Bag styles must be more simplistic when packaging at high speeds and initial investment requirements are often a fair amount higher as purchasing packaging machines optimized for speed. 

Of course, the faster speed isn't always better. You must consider the needs of your unique application when deciding on flexible packaging equipment. While speed is important, you may find that it is not the most important aspect of your packaging project. 


To sum up,

As with many decisions, there is not a one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to selecting flexible packaging machinery. Your choice of packaging equipment must take into consideration many factors that will be unique to your packaging project:

  • Requirements of your marketing      department, such as bag style, advertising area, and      shelf presence, etc.

  • Requirements of your consumer,      both present and future. Consider things like portability, convenience, re-sealable      and easy-open options, and the message you want your packaging to convey.

  • Logistical considerations,      like weight and shape of your packaged product and how that relates to      shipping costs. Also consider how easy and efficient it will be to pack      and load your packages for shipment. 

  • The technical experience of your      machine operators, production staff, and maintenance      crew. Are you looking for a machine that will complement your current      staff's technical abilities, or are your equipment considerations      independent of workforce implications, realizing you may have to invest in      new and possibly higher paid staff?

  • The constraints of cost and budget that      are set forth by company leadership.


Now, hope you can get a general view if the vertical form fill seal machinery or the pre-formed bag filling sealing machinery is your better choice.

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