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What Granule Packing Machine Consists Of
- Mar 04, 2019 -

What Granule Packing Machine consists of 

weigher filler packaging machine for dry fruit

The automatic vertical packing machine has improved and facilitated greatly the productivity for more and more production enterpricses in manufacturing industry. 

Usually,automatic vertical packaging machines consist of different types as the difference of the raw product items they package.So what does the automatic vertical granule packaging machine consist of? 

A vertical granule packaging machine includes: the main vertical form fill seal machine (works as host, the main vertical packing machine CP420B or other models),multihead weigher,Z bucket elevator, weigher support stand(or workplatform),finished bag output conveyor, and relatd check equipments, such as check weigher, or metal detector.

Part one: the main vertical form fill seal machine( main packaging machine)

Vertical Packing Machine

It works as the host of the whole automaic packaging system: 

1. PLC as the control heart (core) of the whole automation packaging machine lines;

2. output the filling signal to the multihead weigher and get feedback that the " filling" has been done from the multihead weigher;

3. automatically forming, sealing, cutting bags, and printing some geral codes, such as date code, and lots number;

4. supply various choices of the bag shapes for the users, such as flat bag(pillow bag, three sides seal, four side seal), Quad seal bag, Gusset bag, stand-up bag, triangle bags, handbags, punching bags,etc; 

5. supply power for all the equipments in the whole automatic packing machinery system.

Part two: Combinated multihead weigher

Automatically weighing and filling granule items.

frozen food multihead weigher

Other parts: 

Z bucket elevator works as the automatic raw product item feeding equipment for the weigher filler;

Support stand supplies a support stand for the weigher, and work platform for the operator;

Finished bag output conveyor outpurs the finished bags;

Both the check weigher and the metal detector works as the finished bags checking equipments.