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Which Is The Best Particle Packing Machine
- Apr 08, 2018 -

                                   Advantages of particle packaging machine: photoelectric eye control system, reliable and stable performance. From measurement, filling, bag making, coding to product output once complete, suitable for beans, peanuts, seeds, corn and other granular solid material packaging.
How to judge the quality of a particle packaging machine equipment? We believe that as a common packing machine in the market. This kind of packaging machine for technical personnel requirements is not high, the material and model variety, the price is cen not neat, it is easy to buy a poor quality packaging machine.
Identify the particle packaging machine is good or bad, you need to know its appearance, can be seen from the appearance of the machine, good machine all aspects of the edges and corners are smooth, no burrs, not rough.
The other is that for products with high automation level, such as particle packaging machine, its key components are: conveying equipment, used steel, electrical equipment configuration, processing technology and detail processing, etc.
Convenient program setting mode of particle packing machine, photoelectric color code, can quickly replace bag making machine; Merchants can be customized according to customer demand supporting high-speed measuring cup high-speed machine, about 60 packs / minute.