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Flour Automatic Packing Machine

Flour Automatic Packing Machine

Suitable to package powder products in the cosmetics, pharmaceutical, chemical, agriculture, and food industry, such as wheat flour, cornstarch, soy milk powder, milk powder, coffee powder, cocoa powder, curry powder, pepper powder, alkaline powder, powder additive, essence, cements powder etc...

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Product Details

Flour Automatic Packing Machine

Usage and basic charastics:

1. Powder Packing Machine with Auger Feeding System is widely used for different powder materials packing, like flour, health powder, tea powder and so on.

2. Machine design is advanced, reasonable structure, adjust the operation, maintenance is very convenient;

3. Servo transport membrane system positioning standards; timing belt transport membrane, stable and reliable;

4. Automatic correction function, save time and film, improve the reliability and intelligence of the whole degree

5. Can supply a variety of automatic alarm protection, minimizing losses;

6. This machine and the metering device matching, automatic completion of product metering, feeding, filling bag, print date, inflation (exhaust), the whole process of product output.

7. Machine frame under free framework design is made of stainless steel 304, the surface is hygienically smooth and easy to clean.

8. Bag forms: pillow-type bags, vertical bags, playing with holes

machine details of quad seal coffee powder packaging machine]

The wheat flour automatic filling and packaging machine:

Automatic Vertical Powder Packing Machine

The general Working Processes :


Main technical parameters:

Model Name: CP520BA

Single filling Range: 10-1000g 

Max Weighing Range: 3000g

Average tolerance/bag: 0.5-1% 

Max precision range: 0.1-1.5g 

Max speed: 45bags /min  

Auger filler opper capacity: 30/50Liter  

Hopper type: no memory 

Bag size: Max.length 40cm, Max. width 25cm

Bag volume: Max.6liters 

Optional: Gusset bag(including fuction swtich so that the operator can transfer freely between gusset bag and pillow bag), gas charging(usually, nitrogen), top hole punching device

Machine size: 1150(L)X950(W)X1129(H)

Sample packages:gusset bag by vffs machine_cerpackingmachinery

sample powder bag

5kg and 10 kg powder bag

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