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Masala Packing Machine

The masala powder packing machine in the south Asia has also many different name, such as masala pouch packing machine, masala packaging machine, garam masala packing machine, automatic masala packing machine, or curry powder packing machine. And it is able to be used widely to Package the powder products from food stuffs, medicine and chemicals , such as flour, sugar powder, coffee powder, bean powder, medicine powder, milk, etc...

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Product Details

Masala Packing Machine

It is an econonic Quick Speed Full Automatic Spice Packing Machine With Small Sachet.

three side sealing bag powder packaging machine


Automatic vertical powder packaging machine's application_副本

Machine description 

1. Imported PLC control system, simple-operating, visual touch screw.

2. Step motor film feeding system, correct register, sealing and cutting positions adopt automatic correction device, high automation.

3. Intelligent temperature controller is used, correct temperature control, ensure nice, smooth seal.

4. Perfect automatic alarming protective function, reduce the consumption up to the lowest.

details of our small vffs packing machine 2

1.Control and operate HMI: Mitsubishi PLC control ,Touch screen operate HMI in English
2.Material :stainless steel, carbon steel with the painted cover,etc
3.Speed:40-80bas/min,depend on many factors, such as bag volume, bag size, and product quality.

4.Bag size: Max. length 200mm while Max. width 140mm.

5.Adjustable filling weight: Max.500ml 

6. Sealing form: stick, back seal, 3 sides sealing, 4 sides sealing, etc.

7. machine has the functions of automatic measurement, filling, sealing, cutting, counting, bag making, and printing batch number according to customer requirements.

8. The use of advanced microcomputer controller, drive stepper motor control bag length, the machine performance is stability, detection accuracy, easy adjustment.

9. Use of intelligent temperature controller, PID regulator, to ensure that the temperature error control within 1 ℃.

Optional functions or devices:

1.Ribbon printer  

2.Top Hole punching device

3.Chain bag cutting device 

4.Easy tear notch cutter.


Chain bag

four side sealing bag and three side sealing sachetsmall pillow bag and stick powder

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