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Milk Powder Packaging Machine

Mainly packaging powder products in food industry, such as chili powder, wheat flour, cornstarch, soy milk powder, milk powder, coffee powder, cocoa powder, curry powder, pepper powder, alkaline powder, powder additive, essence, cements powder etc...

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Product Details

Milk Powder Packaging Machine


Automatic Milk Powder Packaging Machine With Auger Filler


The section where the material contact is stainless steel as the body of machine is optional for complete or partial stainless steel.

Advanced Technology

Optional English or Chinese screen display

Machine description: 

* Metering devicewith a door can be changeable according to the requirement of material.

* Imported system of pulling film ad color mark sensor enable accurate positioning, beautiful packaging and excellent performance.

* High-sensitivity photoelectric color tracing and digital input of cutting position get more accuracy.

machine details of quad seal coffee powder packaging machine]


1. Guesset bag device

2. Hole punching device

3. PE film device

4. Gas filling device

5. Exhaust air function

6. Chain bag with batch cut

7. Vaccum Pulling film device

8.Tear Notch Device

9. Coding printer device

10. Automatic self deviation checking device

from raw powder to the powder bag as the set weight

A Complete Set of Powder Packing Machine

Auger filler powder packing machine (2)


gusset bag by vffs machine_cerpackingmachinery

sample powder bag

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