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Milk Powder Packing Machine

Mainly package powder products in the cosmetics, pharmaceutical, chemical, agriculture, and food industry, such as wheat flour, cornstarch, soy milk powder, milk powder, coffee powder, cocoa powder, curry powder, pepper powder, alkaline powder, powder additive, essence, cements powder etc...

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Product Details

Milk Powder Packing Machine

Automatic powder packing machine

Flour Milk Powder packing machine Gusseted spice filling machine

Machine introduction

Flour Milk Powder packing machine Gusseted spice filling machine is mainly used for packing powder and flour products, such as nutritional powder, baby food, sesame paste, salt, sugar, flour, starch, flavors, milk powder, albumen powder, etc.

Machine features

1.Fully automatic and continuous, and easy to connect with other processing machinery;

2.Combined many functions into one: Conveying materials - Weighing materials - Making bags - Filling materials - Filling air or nitrogen (needs additional Air compressor or Nitrogen Generator) - Sealing bag - Printing date & code - Hitting holes - Conveying final bags;

3.PLC and touch screen control;

4.High precision with weight error of ±0.1-0.5%;

5.High efficiency without crashing the materials;

6.Many kinds of compound film can be used, like BOPP/CPP, OPP/VMCPP. BOPP/PE, PET/VMPET/PE, PET/AL/PE, NY/PE, PET/PET, etc

machine details of quad seal coffee powder packaging machine]

Techncial parameters

Doser: auger filler head

Measure by: volume

Filling range: Max.6000ml(usually, within 2kg)

Package film width: Max.520mm 

Bag length: max.400mm

Transport Package: Film+wooden case

Inspection: CE( EMC 2014/30/EU, LVD 2014/35/EU, MD 2006/42/EC),SGS, TUV, ISO9001,CCC

Min. order: 1 set

Origin: Guangdong, China

Leading time: 20-60days after deposit

gusset bag by vffs powder machine_cerpackingmachinery

sample powder bag

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