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Pouch Powder Packing Machine

Pouch Powder Packing Machine

The powder packing machine is suitable to packaging powder products in the cosmetics, pharmaceutical, chemical, agriculture, and food industry, such as wheat flour, cornstarch, soy milk powder, milk powder, coffee powder, cocoa powder, curry powder, pepper powder, alkaline powder, powder additive, essence, cements powder etc...

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Product Details

Pouch Powder Packing Machine

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Product description:

We are the leading manufacturer of AUTOMATIC POWDER POUCH PACKING MACHINE (30 TO 150 GRAM) made available to our clients at competitive price.

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Product details:

Pouch Capacity: 10-50 grams, 50-150 grams

Condition: New

Capacity (pouch per hour): 1,500-3,000 depend on bag weight, bag length, etc.

Machine Power: 220V,2.5KW

Material:Stainless steel

Control:Mitsubishi PLC 

Human Machine Interface: Touch screen in English

Pouch size: Length Max.170mm, Width 140mm

Pouch volume: Max.500ml

Forming by: bag moudle

Filling by: auger filler (driven by step motor)

Sealing type: three side sealing, back sealing, center sealing, or four side sealing

Pouch cutting type: zigzag cutting (linked bag is optional)


Date code: hot stamping, or by ribbon printer 

About us

CER Packing Machinery excelling in this domain for quite some time, we have etched a resounding name for ourselves as a manufacturer of diverse kinds of Packaging Machines. Our range includes Automatic Forming Filling Sealing Machine with various weigher Filler System, economic volumetric cup granule Pouch Packing Machine, small sachet packing machine, and much more.

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These products are made by leading professionals in the industry and are known for efficiency, durability, reliability, precision engineering, compact designs and fine finish.

Our products are used for a wide range of purposes like filling semi liquids, liquids, powders, granules into a variety of other productions in accordance to their weight. The engineers under our employ have extensive experience and are forever looking forward to finding out new ways of producing cutting-edge machinery. They strive to keep up with the technical developments in the international domain and incorporate all changes into our day to day production processes.

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Furthermore, our strict quality auditors ensure that each product that passes through our facility is verified and certified in compliance with global standards stipulated by the market leading firms. 


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