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Powder Stick Packing Machine

Powder Stick Packing Machine

The small powder packing machine is able to widely Package the powder products from food stuffs, medicine and chemicals , such as flour, bean powder, pure coffee powder, medicine powder, milk, etc...

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Product Details

Powder Stick Packing Machine

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Product details:

stick pack drawing the cerpack's machien can supply.png

Stick Capacity:1 to 5gram, 5-25gram

Dosing  by: auger filler

Driven Type: electrical 

Automation Grade: Automatic

Material: Stainless Steel

Powder: 220V,2.5KW

Dimension: L900*W1050*H1950mm

Gross weight: 270kg

Rollstock film material: Paper/PE, Aluminum/PE,OPP/PE, PET/PE,Nylon/PE, etc

Stick size: Width15-110mm, L30-140mm 

HS Code: 842230

Loading port: Guangzhou/shenzhen,etc

Leading time: 20-60days as the customer's demond

Supply ability: 20-30 machines/month

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stick pack machine-sample stick-cerpack-1_副本_副本_副本.jpg

Product description:

We are the leading supplier of AUTOMATIC POWDER STICK PACKING MACHINE (SMALL PILLOW BAG POWDER PACKAGING MACHINE) made available to our clients at competitive prices.

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Some more sample stick:

center neck round corner stick_副本.jpghoney-sticks.jpg


Noiseless performance

Accurate & precise design

Durable mechanical structure

Low wear & tear and maintenance

Contact parts in Stainless steel.

Training provided to operators on site

Our certificates:

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Package and shipment:


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