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Automatic Packing Machine

The automatic vertical packing machine can be Widely used to package many different products, such as Granule, Liquid & Powder with the different dosing head...

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Product Details

Automatic Packing Machine

CERPACK has seen in recent years that customers are increasingly looking for complete solutions to their weighing and packaging problems. Our company is well equipped to supply bagging machines with complete packaging systems.


A typical packaging system will include bucket elevator, suitable feeding system (multihead weighers etc), vertical form, fill, and seal (VFFS) bagging machines, takeaway conveyor, rotary packing tables and gantry. All new equipment comes with after sales support and spares in stock from CERPACK; new equipment is also accompanied by a 12 month guarantee.


We supply the ‘CER’ vertical form, fill and seal bagging machines, they are engineered to exacting standards and use only the highest quality components. They are hand-built by skilled, experienced packaging machine engineers in Guangzhou,China. The result is an extremely reliable, efficient vertical form fill and seal machine. Maintenance and down-time are therefore kept to a minimum and this makes the machines cost-effective to own and operate.


The bagging machines use a PLC and operator interface unit to store settings such as pack length, sealing temperatures, timings etc. The standard machine can store up to 10 programs, but this can be increased if required. The standard vertical form fill and seal machine finish is in durable powder coating, with all product contact parts in stainless steel. If preferred the machine can be manufactured entirely from stainless steel, or other food-grade/non-corrosive materials.


The automatic vertical packing machine can work with the different dosing head widely for many different objects:

Granule: volumetric cup filler, combinated multi-head weigher, two head or four head liner weigher;

Powder: auger filler;

Liquid /sauce: Pneumatic piston pump filler,etc;

Hardware: Vibrating counting bowls, or the customized hardware multihead weigher;

Packaging materials: the common laminates film, such as PET/PE, OPP/PE,NYLON/PE,ALUMINUM/PE,etc. 

The packing machine can supply some optional bag types, such as pillow bag, pillow bag with hole, gusset bag, and linked bag(also called as chain bag).

The vertical form fill seal(VFFS) processes and diagram:


1. Film roller locking;

2. Guide tensioning;

3. Coding positioning;

4. Eye marks tracking;

5. Forming by the collar of the bag former;

6. Vertical sealing;

7. Filling into the tube of the bag former;

8. Horizontal sealing;

9. Cutting;

10. Finished bags outputting.

Main technical parameters 





Max 55 bags/min

Max 50 bags/min

Measuring range

Max 6000ml


Bag model

Pillow bag

Pillow bag

Bag size

L 100-350mm  W80-250mm

L 100-400mm W100-300mm

Film Width

Max 520mm



PLC  + Chinese/English interface

PLC + Chinese/English interface

Air consumption

0.8Mps, 0.5m3/min

0.8Mps, 0.6m3/min


1Phase,50Hz ,AC 220V, /3.5KW

1Phase,50Hz ,AC 220V, /4.0KW


High speed machine,  Hole Punching,

Nitrogen charging, Gusset bag, Air exhausting,







FAQ to the customers from us


The following request we have to the customer:

1.   The picture of your raw product, your sample bag, and the film design drawing when you ask an offer;

2. The sample film and the sample raw product for us to test your machine when you decide to place an order.

Also, the following user’s requirements we are to ask you to decide and offer you the suitable machine:

1.      What is your packaging product?

2.      How many gram/ml per bag?

3.      What bag shape type you need?

4.      What is your bag size (the width and length)?

5.      What material, and thickness your film is?

6.      What packing speed you expect?

7.      What is voltage and Hertz in your local?

  If you need the customized machine, we can design and manufacture the packaging machine as your individual requirements.


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