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Sachet Liquid Packing Machine

Sachet Liquid Packing Machine

The sachet packaging machine Mainly Package the liquid, such as shampoo, lotion, oil, conditioner, etc...

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Product Details

Sachet Liquid Packing Machine

Four side sealing bag sauce packaging machine

Machine description:

Automatic vertical pouch packing machine with small volume liquid piston filler system to pack liquid, or sauce products like lotion cream, Ice lolly, Ice jelly, shampoo, tomato sauce, hair oil, etc., in heat sealable laminated pouches available at most competitive price and world class services.

Sample sachet:

sample sachet by small vffs machine

The main technical parameters of the liquid sachet packaging machine

Sachet type: four Side Sealing, or three side sealing 

Sealing type: standard Micro-diamond sealing, or straight line sealing 

Film Width: Min. 80 mm Max. 220 mm ( Usually,80-180mm)

Sachet height(length): Min 40mm upto max.130mm 

Power: 2 KW

Heating power: 1.4KW

Electrical Supply: 1 Phase, 220 V, AC, 50 Hz

Packing Film: Any Heat Sealable Laminate

Packing Speed: 30-40 BPM

Contact Parts: Stainless Steel 

Optional External Device:

1. Take away conveyor

2. Feeding pump 

3. Thermal transfer code printer(bar code)

Optional device for your choice:

1. Date Coder

2. Hole Punching Device(Pinhole, Round hole, the butterfly hole)

3. Linking bag control device

4. Air-filling Device

5. Air Exhaust Device

6. Tear Notch Device

7. Nitrogen inflation device

Packing Machine Main Functions

1. English touchable user interface, easy to operate and use.

2. PLC controlling system on machine, which make machine work stably. No need to stop machine to adjust parameters.

3. Machine can fit customers' requirements in liquid packaging field.

About cer packing machinery:

Certificates:CE and other certificates of our packing machine

Our manufacture step:

our plant where your vertical packaging machine is made

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