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Sachet Liquid Packing Machine

Sachet Liquid Packing Machine

The sachet packaging machine Mainly Package the liquid, such as shampoo, lotion, oil, conditioner, etc...

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Sachet Liquid Packing Machine


The liquid sachet packing machine uses the Mitsubishi PLC, Touch screen HMI;

Both setting the bag length and cutting can be done at the same step under either the set bag length or the Photo cell tracking mark;

Stable performance: precise bag length control , consistent sealing temperature;

Humanized user experience:

flexible design, highly individual & customize;

fast parts & film roll changing design;

Automatically measuring, bagging, filling, sealing, cutting, printing code and cutting easy tearing notches;

Optional device that the lotion packaging machine or the shampoo packaging machine can also supply: ribbon printer, former vibrator, zigzag cutter, chain bag cutter, rotary cutter, easy tear notch cutter.


The sachet packaging machine Mainly Package the liquid, such as shampoo, lotion, oil, conditioner, etc.

Packaging materials: generally, the heat sealable laminates film.

Optional bag types the small packing machine can make: three side sachet, four side sachet, chain bag/linked bag.


The main technical parameters of the liquid sachet packaging machine





Measuring   range

2- 100ml for three side sachet,

2-50ml for four side sachet

Measuring   device

Pneumatic piston liquid filling machine

Or mechanical piston(within 20ml)

Packaging   Speed

30- 55 sachet/min

Bag   type

Three side sachet/ four side sachet

Cutter   type

General plain cutter

Bag   size

L 20-160mmW15-110mm

Film   Width

Max 220mm


PLC + English interface


1Phase,50Hz ,AC 220V/2.0KW





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