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Stick Pack Machine

The small packing machine is Mainly designed to Package the dry and loose Granule foodstuff and chemicals, such as chili powder, spice, piper powder, sugar, tea powder, seeds, seasoning powder, fruit juice powder, cereal, oat meal, instant coffee, 3in1 coffee, instant milk powder, instant drink mix, soup mix, desiccant, detergent powder, condiments, etc...

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Product Details

Stick Pack Machine

Machine description:

Granule stick packing machine was design for packed weight ≤ 50g. weight tolerance is less than ± 1-2g depending on the material size. Bag type like: pillow bag,stick was suitable for this machine.This granule packing machine was using volurmetric cup filling system which normally using to packed material like:Sugar, Salt, Beans, sojas, peanuts, rice, seasame etc. If working with other filling system can be using to packed liquid and powder material. Machine can achieve whole packing process like bag forming, metering, filling, sealing, counting and cutting.

Vertical Form Fill Seal Grain Pouch Filling Packing Machine

Packing film options:

Cellophane/polythene ,polyester/Coating aluminum/polythene, polyester /polypropylene, bopp film nylon compounded film etc, which can be heat-sealed.

Technical parameter:

Sachet type:back seal pillow bag, stick, or any special shape stick stick pack by multi-lane stick granule packing machine

small pillow bag by Automatic Granule Packing Machinery for Suagr and Coffee Beans

Single sachet size: Max.Size 110mm(W)×150mm(L), while Min.Size: 30mm(W)×50mm(L)

Filling  rate: ≤50g ( suggested)

Speed: 30-50 bags/min

Electricity  Power: 2.5KW

Power Electricity: 220V   50 / 60Hz

Film Roll Diameter: Φ250mm-300mm

Max Film Width: 240mm

Machine shipping Dimension(L×W×H): 980mm×1150mm×1900mm

Weight :300KG

More sample:

stick pack machine-sample stick

stick pack machine-sample stick-cerpack-1_副本_副本_副本

stick pack by liquid stick packaging machine

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