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Stick Packaging Machine

Stick Packaging Machine

The small powder packing machine is able to widely Package the powder products from food stuffs, medicine and chemicals , such as flour, bean powder, pure coffee powder, medicine powder, milk, etc...

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Product Details

Stick Packaging Machine

Stick Packs are very narrow pillow bags, used things like single-serve drink mixes.

The Stick pack is the most popular and common bag package, and we can see various stick packaging products in every super market, store, etc. because it is very flexible. Our stick pack machine is designed as the automatic form fill seal machine to make the stick packs under the common width range from 17mm, and widely used to package many different products, such as Granule, Liquid, Sauce, Powder, etc . Both the single lane stick packaging machine and the multi-lane stick packaging machine are in our line. They can run efficiently at the speed of around 20-45 sticks per lane.

Flexibly, the stick pack machine can accommodate different stick designs:

Our stick packing machine can meet the customers’ many different types of the stick packs. Such as:

Different cutting:

zigzag cutting, straight cutting, round corner cutting, etc

stick drawing_副本Different sealing type:

straight line sealing,diamond sealing, mirco-diamond, etc

Different sealing shape:

 straight, side-neck, round side-neck, centre-neck, etc

Different easy open design:

easy tear notch, mirco-perforated line, etc


1. Step motor drawing film, screen adjustment parameters, simple operation. 

2. With advance photoelectric control system, with powerful expanded function, joint packing device, punching device, satisfied with difference product requirement.

3. It can finish bag making, measuring, sealing, cutting, date printing and product output in one operation.


The stick packaging machines are Widely suitable to package many different food products, such as Granule, Liquid & Powder with the different dosing head:

Granule: volumetric cup filler;

Powder: auger filler;

Liquid & sauce: Pneumatic piston pump filler;

Tablet/pill: tablet disc;

Or even hardware(only three side sealing): vibrating bowl feeder.


Packaging materials: generally, the heat sealable laminates film

Film roller: Inner core diameter 75mm, the outer roller diameter 250mm

The main technical specifications of the stick pack machine




Stainless steel

Packaging   Speed

30- 70 stick/min

Bag   type

General Stick, general Pillow bag

Or irregular sealing & cutting stick such as   round corner stick

Sealing type

Straight line sealing, diamond sealing, or   micro-diamond sealing

Cutting   type

Zigzag   cutting, or straight line cutting

Bag   size

L 20-160mmW15-110mm

Film   Width

Max 240mm

Code printing

Ribbon code   printer


Mitsubishi PLC + English/Chinese interface


1Phase,50Hz   ,AC 220V/2.0KW






Double horizontal sealer, Round corner stick, or any   special customized irregular sealing and cutting stick as the user’s individualneed


Export standard polywooden case

Some sample stick pack by our automatic stick pack machine:

stick pack machine-sample stick-cerpack-1_副本_副本.jpg

stick pack machine-sample stick-2_副本.jpg

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