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Vertical Form Fill Seal Packaging Machine

Vertical Form Fill Seal Packaging Machine

The vertical form fill seal packing machine is absolutely multifunction packaging machine, and can be Widely used to package different products with the different measuring and filling equipments as following...

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Product Details

Vertical Form Fill Seal Packaging Machine

automatic vertical film forming sealing machine

Fully automatic, vertical form, fill and seal machine, designed for processing heat sealable packagingmaterials.

Standard Features: 

High precision, Dosing head can be equiped according to the raw product and the user need, such as combinated multihead weigher, linear weigher, volumetric cup filler, auger filler, etc;

PLC control system ,stable and reliable;

5.7inch colorful touch screen;

Material contact parts (storage hopper, hopper, vibration plate, weighing hopper, etc.) are fully stainless steelto realize fast disassembly, easy to clean;

Easy to clean and maintance.

Servo-driven end seal jaws

Servo-driven film transport

Basic Machine Includes:

One Unit Former

One Set Sealing Jaw

machine details of quad seal coffee powder packaging machine]

Main electric and pneumatic components: 

HMI(operate touch screen)WeinView/Siemens
Servo motor PANASONIC
Pneumatic components AirTac/SMC/FESTO
Relay and switch mode power supplyOmron 
Sensor Fotek

The complete packing machine system: 

Automatic Food Vertical Form Fill Seal Packing Machine

Automatic powder packing machine

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