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Vertical Wrapper

Mainly used to package many different granule products under the high packing speed need...

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Vertical Wrapper

The vertical wrapping machine makes the center sealing bags, and supply the medium production speed performance up to 60-90 BPM, with an excellent quality/price ratio.

The CP420B Vertical packaging machine (VFFS) is designed to wrap widely many different types products, and is very simple & easy to operate. Also it can supply very stable performance, and has very low maintenance rate, so very reliable.

The machine is operated by a 7" color touch screen HMI with the PLC(an integral industrial PC). All machine parameters can be adjusted and saved by a very flexible and quick changing in the interface.


Panasonic Servo motor horizontal sealing structure, better stability and better speed at 60-90bags per minutes;

The Mitsubishi PLC with the customized battery can keep many set-up program for the operator, very user friendly ;

The touch operating screen can supply the many different language choice;

The pulling film belt couple is driven by servo motor to supply the precise bag length controlling;

The PID Temperature controller make sure the consistent sealing temperature so that the sealing performance can be kept always at high quality;

Photo cell tracking eye mark, and also the film guiding structure has the necessary tensioning device so that the film roll can be feed stably at high speed;


Mainly used to package many different granule products under the high packing speed need:

Packaging materials: the general laminated film.

The machine is usually to work with the 14 head weigher including the timing hopper.

The general vertical form fill seal(VFFS) processes:

general VFFS works process.jpg

1.Film Transport & Unwind;

2.Film Tension

3.Code Printing

4.Film Tracking and Positioning

5.Bag Forming

6.Bag Filling and Sealing

7.Bag cutting and outputting


The main technical parameters





Measuring range

Max 2300ml

Bag model

Pillow  bag

Bag size

L 60-300mm W60-200mm

Film Width



PLC + Chinese/English interface

Air consumption

0.8Mps, 0.4m3/min


1Phase,50Hz ,AC 220V, /2.5KW

Shipping Dimension




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