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VFFS Packaging Machine

The vertical form fill seal packaging machines are Widely suitable to package many different products, such as Granule, Liquid & Powder with the different dosing head...

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Product Details

VFFS Packaging Machine


1.Both the general double belt CP420B and the economic single belt CP398B are available for the different users to get the more choice;

2.The Mitsubishi PLC with the customized battery can keep many set-up program so that the operator can save much time to set the program time by time;

3.The touch operating screen can supply the many different language choice;

4.The Panasonic servo motor drives the film pulling belts so that the bag length can be controlled accurately;

5.Both the high quality sealing jaws, and the PID Temperature controller make sure the consistent strong sealing performance;

6.High speed machine with double servo motor can supply the stable capacity of 60-90 bags per minute;

7.Flexible design because we're always ready to meet the user's highly individual & customize requirement.


The vertical form fill seal packaging machines can be used to package many different subjects, such as Granule, Powder, liquid or sauce,or even hardware with the different dosing heads:

Granule: volumetric cup filler, combinated multi-head weigher, liner weigher;

Powder: auger filler;

Liquid & sauce: Pneumatic piston pump filler, magnetic pump filler, rotor pump filler;

Hardware: Vibrating counting disc, the customized hardware multihead weigher;

Packaging materials: all the general laminates film, such OPP/PE, PET/PE,Paper/PE, Aluminum/PE,Nylon/PE, etc

while the single layer PE asks customized single layer PE film vertical ffs machine.

Optional bag types the vertical form fill and seal machines can supply: pillow bag, pillow bag with hole, gusset bag, chain bag(linked bag).


The main technical parameters of the VFFS machine





Max 65bags/min

Max 65bags/min

Measuring   range

Max 2300ml

Max 2300ml

Bag model

Pillow   bag

Pillow bag

Bag size

L 60-300mm W60-200mm

L 60-300mm W60-200mm

Film Width




PLC + Chinese/English interface

PLC + Chinese/English interface

Air   consumption

0.8Mps, 0.4m3/min

0.8Mps, 0.4m3/min


1Phase,50Hz ,AC 220V, /2.5KW

1Phase,50Hz ,AC 220V, /2.5KW


Hole Punching, Air exhausting, Gusset bag, Nitrogen charging

Shipping   Dimension






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