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We have a high-quality and experienced professional technician team. More than 50% has comprehensive ability from design, development, manufacturing, marketing, installation, commissioning, technical training, after-sales services and providing automatic packaging system customization. 


Our team supplies the professional service & support as the full steps: Pre-sales, Medium-sales, and After-sales.


Shipment must be effected as per contract or Proforma Invoice; Service or Support must be satisfying within 2 working days; If possible, our engineer will give you local training and solve your problem face-to-face. 


The quality management system: ISO9001:2015 No. 01416Q10549R1S. The products certifications: CE NO.0S170213.GCP0T45. Our CE certificate is under the latest Directives (EMC 2014/30/EU, LVD 2014/35/EU, MD 2006/42/EC).


To offer our customers a full set of packaging solution as their requirements at reasonable prices & on time,and we are working on it; To supply our customers a human User Experience and a positive impression with our stuff, our machine and our company,and we are working on it. 


Mutual Benefit is the foundation of long, last, firm and healthy business partnership.

  • Weigher Filler Packaging Machine

    Weigher Filler Packaging Machine

    Mainly used to package the high-accuracy and fragile granule , such as puffy food , crispy rice , Potato Chips , Snacks , candy , pistachio , sugar , apple...

  • Pulses Packing Machine

    Pulses Packing Machine

    Suitable to weigh and package the granule product, such as rice, seeds, oat, sugar , detergent powder, monosodium glutamate, chicken essence seasoning,...

  • Coffee Bean Packaging Machine with Air Valve

    Coffee Bean Packaging Machine with Air Valve

    The four edges sealing bag packaging machine is Mainly suitable to package many different granule under small weight & volume, but high added value product,...

  • Fully Automatic Powder Packing Machine

    Fully Automatic Powder Packing Machine

    The auger packing machine is a typical dry powder packaging equipment, and Suitable to package powder products in the cosmetics, pharmaceutical, chemical,...

  • Automatic Mirch Powder Packing Machine

    Automatic Mirch Powder Packing Machine

    The powder packing machine is suitable to packaging powder products in the cosmetics, pharmaceutical, chemical, agriculture, and food industry, such as...

  • Powder Sachet Packaging Machine

    Powder Sachet Packaging Machine

    The sachet packing machine is suitable mainly to Package the powder products from food stuffs, medicine and chemicals , such as flour, bean powder, pure...


About Guangzhou CER

Guangzhou CER Packing Machinery Co., Ltd manufactures the vertical form fill seal machine( VFFS machine) & a full range of automatic vertical packaging machine & the whole packaging solution in Guangzhou (20 minutes drive to Airport), China.

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